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Transportation Application


Transportation Program Pricing

1 0-4 $ 450 $ 850
2 5-14 $525 $ 975
3 15 or more $625 $1200


If you have questions about what zone you are in, please contact Nancy Miller. or 216-481-8414 x146

Transportation Program Agreement

  • I understand that there is a possibility that the route my child is on may have coordinated pick up and drop off points away from my home. VASJ will notify me of this by August 9, 2018.
  • Transportation service will begin on the first day of school.
  • I understand that once my child has been assigned a route (one-way or both ways) I am responsible for paying the full cost of the use of this service, regardless of actual usage, and that assignments are for the full year without changes to one-way or two-way options.
  • Students will be assigned to the nearest route, if possible. However, the possibility exists that no route will accommodate your location.       Your deposit will be refunded if this occurs.
  • I understand that if my student withdraws during the school year due to any reason other than relocation, I am responsible for the paying the full cost of the service.
  • If my student moves during the school year, VASJ will try to reassign the child to a new route. If the student cannot be reassigned, VASJ will refund a prorated amount of the transportation fee.
  • VASJ will verify the zone indicated on the application to ensure proper billing.
  • If the $200 deposit is not received by June 14, 2018, your student will NOT receive a spot in a vehicle. Your student’s spot will be given to another student.
  • You will be contacted by August 9, 2018 with the pickup information. If you are not contacted by that date, please contact Nancy Miller, 216-481-8414 ext. 146, to ensure your child has been assigned a route.
  • Transportation payments must be current at the end of each quarter as indicated by the schedule below to ensure continued service. Please make payments, other than the deposit, to the Business Office.
Zone Deposit
Due – 10/11/18
Due – 1/10/19
Due – 3/13/19
All Riders One Way Two Way One Way Two Way One Way Two Way
1 $200 $100 $225 $100 $225 $50 $200
2 $200 $110 $275 $110 $250 $105 $250
3 $200 $125 $350 $125 $325 $125 $325


All riders are required to submit this form on-line with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 by June, 14 2018. (Paper applications will NOT be accepted)

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